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  • Unique and one of a kind original glass wall sculptures are vibrant, colorful and organic in shape. I create signature art glass sculpture at the highest quality for residential home, office hospitals and hotels. Using Bold and vivid colors I design and create glass wall sculptures and glass wall art. My shapes offer a warm and inviting  design to the glass. The glass wall sculptures highlight any space you can envision and look beautiful hanging in a variety of ways. Offering glass and metal they are a great combination of materials for sculpture. By combining the glass with the metal the two mediums gives strength to the piece for both interior and exterior applications. The fluidity of design and the master of color technique that Stan uses are unique to his work. Stan’s element of design in the glass wall sculptures look beautiful displayed in any formation. These large glass wall art sculptures are often used as the focal points of interior design. The rich luster of the glass shines in the sunlight. Stan is a part of the healing arts program and works with the health care art consultants and hospitals. I work directly with architects, art consultants and interior design trade to create site-specific installation. My glass sculptures are suitable for indoor or outdoor wall art. For outdoors typical sites are the back of the home, pool area or garden wall sculptures and outdoor fence art. These glass wall sculptures for indoors look fabulous over your fireplace, over your bed in your dining room, kitchen, and bathroom or cascading down the stairs. Offered in a variety of colors the glass can be transparent or opaque colors show the beauty of the glass and look jewel like. All sizes to fit your unique designs. Rarely can I pick up a blow pipe for a custom project and create. The scope of the project starts with simple detailed drawings then color combinations hardware and fabrication and the final step is special shipping requirements. Making a custom hand blown glass sculpture can be fun, exciting and challenging, but it is not easy or simple. Custom glass Wall Art includes glass wall sculptures, glass wall flowers, glass and metal art for the wall and glass and metal garden sculpture. Sizes range from quite small to very large. Depths of artwork range from 2″ to 5″. All the glass is hand blown forms are done in my furnace at 2500* To finish the glass each piece is ground and polished and hand placed for the perfect design. Please contact me for purchase information and to consult on custom designs to fit your project.

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