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    I am a contemporary art glass blower,designer and sculptor. Each piece is hand blown to perfection. My original glass wall sculptures are vibrant, colorful and organic in shape. I create signature glass wall sculptures at the highest quality for residential homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels.

    The unique shapes used in my glass work are portrayed as warm and inviting. The glass wall sculptures highlight any space you can envision and look beautiful hanging in a variety of ways. My glass sculptures are suitable for indoor or outdoor wall art. Using a combination of glass and metal makes Stan Megdall Glass stand out. The two mediums of glass and metal give strength to the pieces for both interior and exterior applications. The fluidity of design and the master of color technique that I use are unique to my work.

    I am part of the healing arts program and collaborate with the health care art consultants and hospitals. I work directly with architects and interior designers to create site-specific installations glass wall sculptures.

    I work one-on-one with customers to create work in a variety of colors. Also, the glass can be transparent or opaque as desired.

    I find that making custom hand blown glass sculptures can be exciting, but it is not simple. All of my hand blown glass forms are done in my furnace that stays heated to 2500°F. To finish the glass, each piece is ground, polished, and hand placed for the perfect design.

    I am passionate about my work and am dedicated to create the perfect design for each customer I work with.
    Please contact me for purchase information and to consult on custom designs to fit your design needs.

    Stan Megdall


    [email protected]

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