Combining glass wall sculptures and elements of metal and glass, Stan designed these unique one of a kind glass wall sculptures.  Stan's work is interactive and interchangeable glass wall sculptures.  These glass wall sculptures offer the option of a single flower or grouping to create a custom art piece with multiple pieces with or without a metal base, designed to enhance the glass. The glass wall sculptures pieces are specifically designed for each unique application coordinate design, form and the color of the art glass. Stan works with his clients to create the art glass colors. All glass wall sculptures bring life into you space. They are designed to make people “happy” just as glass flowers will do.  

These breathtaking one of a kind designs stay in bloom all year long!

These abstract and dimensional glass and metal sculpture will hang individually or in groupings  the bold and vibrant colors in the glass reflect the metal sizes and color will vary slightly with each piece as these are individually made by hand. Each piece of glass is casted and layered for the color design . After the design is created I cut and weld the steel. Stability in each piece is very important. These pieces look great in any room or area of the home. rough size is 36″ X 5″ X 3.5 deep. My steel metal sculptures are all hand made in the USA by yours truly – nothing from China! American design and craftsmanship is still king. 

If you are sharing or promoting our artwork across the internet please give us credit before posting.