Hospitals are turning to art as part of a broader push to create a healing environment.

Studies show that visual art can help reduce stress for patients and increase satisfaction with care.With studies showing a direct link between the content of images and the brain’s reaction to pain, stress, and anxiety, hospitals are considering and choosing artworks based on the evidence and giving it a higher priority than merely decoration for sterile rooms and corridors. Stan works directly with hospitals to create the design.

Henry Ford Hospital

Henry Ford Hospital

The arts are an essential component to health, healing and well-being. The Healing Arts Program  provides opportunities to experience health and well-being by bringing visual arts to  patients and the community. My designs and color are very stimulating in the health care environment. Large hospitals and healthcare institutions utilize diverse art and elements that hold interest for their patients, families and friends. My glass has wonderful properties that allow natural light transmission through each piece and help create a healing environment. The colors I use in each piece offer a complete range. Health care professionals gravitate to my work it is colorful, bright and offers a nature inspired theme.

Working with hospitals and health care organizations I find that this is where my work belongs. I am a large part of the healing arts program and believe that putting art in the right place supports patient care and leads to shorter hospital stays. here are some pictures of my work in hospitals.  My Glass wall art installations for healthcare and glass flowers  are most popular in healthcare settings. I  work with designers and hospital staff to ensure the perfect compositions.  Studies indicate that patients need less medication and exhibit more positive attitudes when exposed to art in a natural setting.

If you are sharing or promoting our artwork across the internet please give us credit before posting.

I aim to:

  • Enhance the healing through the colors and design in my work.

  • Facilitate healing for those who are ill through my glass.

  • Support and advance research exploring the benefits and role of the arts in health, healing and well-being.